We are more than
just a residence

By the new generation... For the new generation

Brand Intention


Always looking for new opportunity in the existing market, analyze and keep improving in order to develop the new products that will reach the target and bring happiness to everyone.

Open-minded & optimism

Open for new ideas and give the chance to both internal officers and stakeholders

Avoid doing the same things over & over again, rebellious, trend leader

Focus on making business progress and better society

Positive social contribution everywhere we go

Be creative, be unique, be the first, be the trend leader and impatient to the same old things

Easy and Transparent

Straightforward, Simple and Clear

Vision and Mission

We eagerly strive to be a true leader in caring and fulfilling the needs of living spaces in order to give residents the best realistic and desirable living experience.

We focus on running our business with true understanding and thoughtfulness to become number one provider for the residents their best living experience. At the same time, we keep striving to be the best and reliable in the real estate industry.

for Real You

Initial estate. The real estate company that truly cares about the variety of the new generations.

Because we truly care...

so we understand the differences of life purpose, lifestyles, and the needs of living spaces that reflect true identity.

Because we truly care...

so we bring new ideas from the new generations blend together with highly experienced and professional team in the real estate industry.

Because we truly care...

so we are confident and more than ready to be the right one to fulfill all your needs.


Blending together the differences and revealing one’s identity is the trend of today. Our goal is to create specially for you the perfect answer to express your true identity through our unique design at the highest standards.

Initial Estate is run by the new generation that truly understands the new generations and ready to care for all different kinds of needs.
We eagerly aim to be the true leader in living spaces to confidently ensure that your identity and all little details you desire will be completely fulfilled in your own living space.

We bring space
For you to
Bring smiles