Let’s be the part of our Initial team “It’s time to show off your talent!” We do believe that being detailed with a strong working vision of young people in the organizations will bring you excellent living experiences that are practical as well as fulfill your needs. We strive to be the leader in caring and fulfilling the needs of living spaces under our vision “DESIGNED FOR REAL YOU”

Initial Estate 
The organization is run by the new generation…to understand the new generations.
We care about the differences of every need and strive to be the best in the living spaces industry.

Learn together…
We support and give opportunity to everyone in the organization in order to develop and strengthen them to be professional with skills and true knowledge in whatever they are doing and responsible for.

Grow together…
We listen to all opinions and suggestions from our staff. At the same time, we are also open for any cool ideas and ready to bring them to life.

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