Terms & Conditions, Cancellation Policies and Refund Policies


The buyer must read, completely understand and thoroughly check all the information, pricing, details of Terms and Conditions of the land and house, including all project details contained on this website of the company. By using the services and online booking on this website, the buyer agrees to give the irrevocable acceptance of and consent to the Terms and Conditions related to online booking for purchasing land referenced herein and/or linked hereto.


  1. The buyer agrees and certifies that the credit card details given are completely correct and can be used legally for online payment. Any false data or actions received shall be let to refusal or cancellation to the purchase of the buyer without prior notice and no refund will be necessarily made to the buyer.

  2. The buyer can make your online payment for the purchase of land and house through the website of the company using Credit Card/Debit Card VISA, MASTERCARD which may be engaging in an online transaction whereby the service is required, Verified by Visa (VBV) or MASTERCARD Secure Code for security of online payment purpose and authentication of the card holder.

  3. Selling prices, Discounts, Promotions and/or Promotional Campaigns including any conditions of sale stated on the website at the time of your online booking is confirmed and final. No request for price amending, Selling Terms and Conditions or cancellation will be accepted under any circumstances.

  4. Images, Graphics, Text from marketing advertisements of the projects appeared on this website such as Colors of the buildings, decorations, etc, may be changed from actual property. The company reserves the right to amend such details as the company deem appropriate.

  5. The buyer accepts and agrees to allow your credit card issuing bank to charge the payment at the amount confirmed at the online booking summary and/or the online booking confirmation, as the payment for the purchase of land and house processed through the online reservation system of this website.

  6. Credit Card Payment processed through an online reservation system shall be completed only after the company successfully collects the payment from the buyer’s card issuing bank. Only such completed payment shall be deemed as the deposit for the purchase of land and house.The company shall reserve the right to refund the deposit payment under any circumstances.

  7. If the buyer needs to get mortgage loan approval, the buyer agrees to cooperate to get the Credit Report checked by the Credit Bureau, as well as follow the procedural process of loan application with at least 3 banks indicated by the company, within 7 days after the booking.

  8. If the banks require additional documents from the buyer, the buyer must present the documents within 7 days after the time of request by the banks.

  9. If the banks refuse the loan application or approve less than 95% of the mortgage loan requested, the company agrees to make full refund of the deposit within 30 days after the company receives the result from the banks and the booking shall be automatically cancelled. 

  10. If the buyer cancels OR changes the unit of the land and house, OR the buyer requests to change for cash payment OR the buyer submits for mortgage loan application by oneself OR the buyer takes the benefits of the organization OR the buyer wants to request for bank statement first OR the reserved land and house is built-to-order or not in the sale plan/specially open for sale, due to one or any as mentioned, the company reserves the right to refund the deposit under any circumstances.

  11. If the online transaction is successfully submitted and approved, the company will send the buyer text message and/or email of the confirmation documents of the online booking within 24 hours. If the buyer does not receive the above confirmation, the buyer can contact the company at 02-026-3564 or message us via inbox on Facebook page at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/thethamm/

  12. The buyer must sign the land and house sale and purchase agreement within 7 days after the buyer receives the online booking confirmation or within the time the company indicated in text messages and email.

  13. The buyer acknowledges and completely understands that the name shown on the land and house sale and purchase agreement needs to be the same name as submitted on online booking only.

  14. If the buyer would like to state a joint tenancy on the land and house sale and purchase agreement, the buyer needs to inform the company in advance before signing the agreement date.

  15. The buyer may assign the right on this booking to a third party and/or state the name of the third party as additional party on the land and house sale and purchase agreement without name change fees, under the condition where the buyer’s name remains in the land and house sale and purchase agreement.

  16. If the buyer wants to change the name of the booking on land and house sale and purchase agreement or assign the right of the booking, the company has the right to require the processing fees, as indicated by the company.

  17. In the case where the buyer fails to present to sign the land and house Sale and Purchase Agreement upon period of time hereinabove, the buyer acknowledges and agrees that such online booking shall be automatically cancelled and waive the right of this online booking and agrees to have all the paid deposit to be taken by the company immediately. The company will also have the right to make the land and house available to be sold to the public without prior notice and the buyer agrees not to take any objections.

  18. The buyer agrees not to change , amend the type, design, size, storey, of the land and house including moving or cancelling the project under any reason without written consent of the company. Process and Fees payable for the changes shall be required, as determined by the company.

  19. Enforcements of this Terms and Conditions including the online booking confirmation documents are part of the land and house sale and purchase agreement and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Thailand.
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