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    Exclusive Happiness
    From the origin of happiest place in the world

    Modern Townhomes are specially designed to meet the lifestyles of the new generation in a convenient location, with better materials used and ultimate functions within the area at the best value price. The Thamm project is the beginning of perfect living of precious lives which allows you to freely choose to live the life you want on the location within the city center, connecting you to all the needs in your life.


    The Thamm II Onnut - Motorway

    2 Storey Scandinavian-style Town Home with complete functional facility that can be fully
    and effectively used to create happiness for all members in the family.

    107 sq.m. utility area

    Let The Thamm II Onnut-Motorway bring you the true happiness of superior living in the fascinating atmosphere of Scandivanian. Let us be the beginning of your ultimate happiness.

    Land size ranging from 16.9 – 35.3 sq.w.

    3 bedrooms
    2 bathrooms
    1 parking space

    Floor Plan: 1st Floor

    Floor Plan: 2nd Floor

    The Thamm II Onnut - Motorway

    The modern Scandinavian housing style can express the true identity and meet basic
    needs of the new generations.

    The importance of constructing the perfect yet strong and durable structure is always what we significantly care about. Therefore, we select conventional housing plan which making all your interior renovation ideas possible and without hassle.

    The modern Scandinavian housing style can express the true identity and meet basic needs of the new generations. All interior functions are thoughtfully designed to be ideally answer to all lifestyles and basic needs of young working adults and modern families. The project also offers complete facility, 24-hour security, access control with Access card and ID card exchange for visitors with a complete CCTV system, large common playground and park and green area for your perfect relaxation

    Let’s “DISCOVER THE VALUE OF HAPPIEST LIVING”. Inspired from one of the happiest countries in the world; like Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, the Thamm II has uniquely created for you the exclusive new modern townhomes with the sense of enchanting Scandivanian style. The uniqueness of Scandinavian reflects into simple yet elegant design without losing functionality or sacrificing beauty.

    Convenient access to the city center via Airport Link, Onnut Road and Motorway to Rama 9 Road.

    Connect to the city center using Onnut Road, Lat Krabang Road, Kingkaew Road, Romklao Road and Expressway such as Motorway and Kanchanaphisek Road.

    In the midst of community areas, businesses and lifestyle facilities such as shopping malls, schools, universities, hospitals and Suvarnabhumi International Airport.


    The Thamm Onnut-Motorway project is located on Pracha Thon road which is only 3 minutes away
    from Lat Krabang main road. It can be accessed from both Lat Krabang soi 1 and Lat Krabang soi 3.
    The conventional house design also makes any interior renovation possible and worry-free.

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